Ayurveda Love, AT Verlag
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Ayurveda Love, AT Verlag

Ayurveda Love, AT Verlag

Ayurveda is more than just the use of plants or wellness oil massages. It is not about following rigid rules, but about rediscovering the feeling for the needs of body and psyche. It has been scientifically confirmed that it is above all our habits and lifestyle that determine how healthy we feel. In this practical guide, the authors adapt the knowledge of traditional Indian medicine to the European way of life and reveal how simple measures can contribute to greater well-being. Everyday tips, simple exercises and cooking recipes help to find one's inner calm, to gain clarity about oneself and to strengthen one's health permanently. The book shows how easily Ayurveda can be integrated into everyday life and helps interested people to improve their lifestyle sustainably without much effort.

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