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Mari & Anne

Mari & Anne: In the 90s Marianne started to produce the first creams and soaps on a natural basis in her soap kitchen. Her motives were very personal. Her daughter Sabine suffered from perioral dermatitis, a skin disease with unsightly side effects. Conventional skin care products did not alleviate the problems. As a trained nurse, Marianne developed her own products. The visible success generated a growing local demand. Through family and friends Marianne's cosmetics became more. Because Mari & Anne is all about content, the team has been working since 2019 on the vision of building a production facility in and with the Mainfränkischen Werkstätten. There, different people with disabilities should have the opportunity to be integrated, trained and supported.

Mari & Anne's products are 100% handmade in Germany from natural raw materials. They are organic and vegan or vegetarian. High quality vegetable-based oils, free from microplastics, parabens, silicones and artificial additives that care for and protect your skin are processed and beautifully packaged for you.

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