NEWS NEWS NEWS: The shop Marinsel has moved. Not just anywhere, but over the bridge to * St. Johann, Lothringerstrasse 23 * 4056 Basel *. There we have created a new world, in which our assortment, refined with handmade products and newly discovered brands, shines in a different light. Curious? Stop by to have a look!

Welcome to our Marinsel Webshop!

Browse and order online with "Pick-up at store" option is still available. No worries if you don't live nearby, we ship worldwide! Otherwise please stop by, say hi at our spacious Marinsel Shop in Basel! Conscious shopping is contemporary and part of our philosophy. We are more than happy to help you if questions arise to ensure that your order is satisfactory.

Please have a look at our handpicked selection of nice items we offer at Marinsel or at our partner store Ooid Store in Basel / Switzerland. Further information is widely spread on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Enjoy strolling around our shop and please stop by if in the area!

New Arrivals
Knitted Dress, Acorn Knitted Dress, Acorn
Milo Knit Cloth, Rabbit Oat Milo Knit Cloth, Rabbit Oat
Nylon Crescent Bag L, Black Nylon Crescent Bag L, Black
Velours Salpette, Mountain Sparkles
Gina Turtle, Copper Gina Turtle, Copper
Karte Olive
Ximena Pullover, Flieder Ximena Pullover, Flieder
Ximena Pullover, Rot Ximena Pullover, Rot
Locket Tiny, Dew
Cali Jumper, Muddy Yellow Cali Jumper, Muddy Yellow
Haylie Dess, Copper Haylie Dess, Copper
Velours Dress, Mountain Sparkles Velours Dress, Mountain Sparkles
Pant, Rib Pant, Rib
Welt Hoop Earring
Cosmic Dye Crew, Mars, OS
Bodysuit, Mountain Sparkles
Karte Summer III
Long Socks, Checked
Moon Earrings, Brass
Dariaa Sweat, Dark Caramel Dariaa Sweat, Dark Caramel
Aroaa Blouse, Wild Blossom Aroaa Blouse, Wild Blossom
Alaani LS, Vintage Green Alaani LS, Vintage Green
Pearl Earring Pearl Earring
Nina Tee, Black
Anjar Armreif, Messing Anjar Armreif, Messing
Salopette, Mountain Air
Gaya Creole, Messing Gaya Creole, Messing
Antonia Twill, Black Antonia Twill, Black
Dante Ground, Molten Leaf Dante Ground, Molten Leaf
Khushee Ohrring, Messing Khushee Ohrring, Messing
Frugal Sheep Crew, Cinnamon, OS
Compass, Knitted Sweater Compass, Knitted Sweater
Kilian Sweater, Copper Kilian Sweater, Copper
Sweater, Mountain Air
Dariaa Sweat, Mid Grey Dariaa Sweat, Mid Grey
Wilma Sweat, Lavender Wilma Sweat, Lavender
29.06.2021 22:16
Even if the weather leaves a lot to be desired right now, we're happy to send you some summer inspiration. The sun will be back soon again and you're invited to explore some news online or in our... more
25.05.2021 15:04
Marinsel will change its location. To a different area in Basel, the St. Johann at Lothringerstrasse 23 . There we have created a new world, where our assortment refined with fresh fashion,... more
12.02.2021 14:26
We are currently busy updating our webshop and there are already a lot of new things to discover for every imaginable weather situation! Use the code FREESHIPPING-CH for your next order from CHF 50–.... more
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