NEWS NEWS NEWS: The shop Marinsel has moved. Not just anywhere, but over the bridge to * St. Johann, Lothringerstrasse 23 *. There we have created a new world, in which our assortment, refined with handmade products and newly discovered brands, shines in a different light. Curious? During the Slow Opening Week from Mai 25th–29th 2021 you can take a look at everything and celebrate the inauguration with us! Best regards, your Marinsel Team Angela, Lorena, Marianne, Michelle, Noëmi & Pul

Welcome to our Marinsel Webshop!

Browse and order online with "Pick-up at store" option is still available. No worries if you don't live nearby, we ship worldwide! Otherwise please stop by, say hi at our nice and cozy Marinsel Shop in Basel! Conscious shopping is contemporary and part of our philosophy. We are more than happy to help you if questions arise to ensure that your order is satisfactory.

Please have a look at our handpicked selection of nice items we offer at Marinsel or at our partner store Ooid Store in Basel / Switzerland. Further information is widely spread on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Enjoy strolling around our shop and please stop by if in the area!

New Arrivals
Puffy Glasses Sleeve, Black Puffy Glasses Sleeve, Black
Minikarte, Today Here Now
Lili Tank, Petrol
Cord Leather, Black
Faribaa Leggins, Dark Grey Mel. Faribaa Leggins, Dark Grey Mel.
Smita Short, Tannengrün Smita Short, Tannengrün
Cord Metal, Silver
Lili Tank, Pale Green Lili Tank, Pale Green
Quincy Carabiner, Brass
Jano Jute Bag, Natural & Blue
Packable Sun Hat, Poppy Packable Sun Hat, Poppy
Dreamer, Olive Dreamer, Olive
Pepper Mill, 18.5 cm Pepper Mill, 18.5 cm
Karte Vermisse dich II
Postkarte, Better Together
Dreamer, Light Brown Dreamer, Light Brown
Arima Tee, Intense Mint
Naala Blouse, Indigo Naala Blouse, Indigo
Tank Top, Teja Tank Top, Teja
Only Necklace Pink
Helen Top, Black Helen Top, Black
Silvaa Short, Washed Black Silvaa Short, Washed Black
TF1 Fique Tote, Forest Green TF1 Fique Tote, Forest Green
Lidiaa Stripe Tee, Sunrise/Kinoko Lidiaa Stripe Tee, Sunrise/Kinoko
Linda Short, Olive Linda Short, Olive
Minikarte, Stay in Your Magic
Gordon Keyhook, Brass Gordon Keyhook, Brass
Hansa Wood Stapler
Amapola Dress, Black Amapola Dress, Black
Cl. Sport, Light Lavender M Cl. Sport, Light Lavender M
Monika Mobile, Natural Monika Mobile, Natural
Ceresa Soles Top, Navy Ceresa Soles Top, Navy
Lidiaa Stripe Tee, Matcha/Oatmilk Lidiaa Stripe Tee, Matcha/Oatmilk
Jane Top, Ombre Jane Top, Ombre
Turkana Top, Black Turkana Top, Black
Amun Towel, Red
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