NEWS NEWS NEWS: The shop Marinsel has moved. Not just anywhere, but over the bridge to * St. Johann, Lothringerstrasse 23 * 4056 Basel *. There we have created a new world, in which our assortment, refined with handmade products and newly discovered brands, shines in a different light. Curious? Stop by to have a look!

Welcome to our Marinsel Webshop!

Browse and order online with "Pick-up at store" option is still available. No worries if you don't live nearby, we ship worldwide! Otherwise please stop by, say hi at our spacious Marinsel Shop in Basel! Conscious shopping is contemporary and part of our philosophy. We are more than happy to help you if questions arise to ensure that your order is satisfactory.

Please have a look at our handpicked selection of nice items we offer at Marinsel or at our partner store Ooid Store in Basel / Switzerland. Further information is widely spread on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Enjoy strolling around our shop and please stop by if in the area!

New Arrivals
Rabat Foldover, Black/Silver Rabat Foldover, Black/Silver
Ditlev Nightlight, Penguin Rose
Pen Ballpoint, Mat Silver Pen Ballpoint, Mat Silver
Filipaa Top, Rosy Green Filipaa Top, Rosy Green
Albert Hood Towel, Panda Creme Albert Hood Towel, Panda Creme
Flatmate, Moth Flatmate, Moth
CB04 Cross Body Bag, Blk CB04 Cross Body Bag, Blk
Pouch, Strawberry Pouch, Strawberry
Long Flared Dress, Floral Long Flared Dress, Floral
Oversize Shirt, Vichy Oversize Shirt, Vichy
Albert Hood Towel, Rabbit Apple Albert Hood Towel, Rabbit Apple
Unisex Belt, Black Unisex Belt, Black
Paper Balloon Big Blow Fish, Blk/Beige Paper Balloon Big Blow Fish, Blk/Beige
Albert Hood Towel, Rabbit D. Grey Albert Hood Towel, Rabbit D. Grey
Paper Balloon Girlande Paper Balloon Girlande
Circles on the Water Mobile Circles on the Water Mobile
Goober Candle, Green Goober Candle, Green
Table Tiles, Terracotta Table Tiles, Terracotta
Filipaa Top, Red Earth Filipaa Top, Red Earth
Sylvester Washcloth, Oat Multi Sylvester Washcloth, Oat Multi
Pitzi Bag, Black Pitzi Bag, Black
Rolling Pin Mini, Double Hearts Rolling Pin Mini, Double Hearts
Ezra Beanie, Tuscany Rose Ezra Beanie, Tuscany Rose
Vase, Chrome Vase, Chrome
Erev Pouch, Black Erev Pouch, Black
Der Blätterdieb, Baumhaus Der Blätterdieb, Baumhaus
Jacquard Jumper, Floral Jacquard Jumper, Floral
Stellan Jacket, Shelter Green Stellan Jacket, Shelter Green
Fanny Pack, Moss Fanny Pack, Moss
Seifenschale, Hellgrau Seifenschale, Hellgrau
Inari Top, Lavander Inari Top, Lavander
Peppermint Tea, 25 g
WL08 Wallet, Black WL08 Wallet, Black
Tiril Jacket, Bottle Green Tiril Jacket, Bottle Green
Set of Pins, Im a Poet
Ume Bento Porcelain Pin Ume Bento Porcelain Pin
09.12.2021 00:39
Die Zeit der Nächstenliebe ist dieses Jahr präsenter als auch schon und gerne lassen wir unsere Liebsten wissen, dass wir an sie denken. Kleinigkeiten reichen oft schon aus, um ein Lächeln auf's... more
29.06.2021 22:16
Even if the weather leaves a lot to be desired right now, we're happy to send you some summer inspiration. The sun will be back soon again and you're invited to explore some news online or in our... more
25.05.2021 15:04
Marinsel will change its location. To a different area in Basel, the St. Johann at Lothringerstrasse 23 . There we have created a new world, where our assortment refined with fresh fashion,... more
12.02.2021 14:26
We are currently busy updating our webshop and there are already a lot of new things to discover for every imaginable weather situation! Use the code FREESHIPPING-CH for your next order from CHF 50–.... more
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