NEWS NEWS NEWS: The shop Marinsel has moved. Not just anywhere, but over the bridge to St. Johann. There we have created a new world, in which our assortment, refined with handmade products and newly discovered brands, shines in a different light. Curious? During the Slow Opening Week from Mai 25th–29th 2021 you can take a look at everything and celebrate the inauguration with us! Best regards, your Marinsel Team Angela, Lorena, Marianne, Michelle, Noëmi & Pul

Welcome to our Marinsel Webshop!

Browse and order online with "Pick-up at store" option is still available. No worries if you don't live nearby, we ship worldwide! Otherwise please stop by, say hi at our nice and cozy Marinsel Shop in Basel! Conscious shopping is contemporary and part of our philosophy. We are more than happy to help you if questions arise to ensure that your order is satisfactory.

Please have a look at our handpicked selection of nice items we offer at Marinsel or at our partner store Ooid Store in Basel / Switzerland. Further information is widely spread on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Enjoy strolling around our shop and please stop by if in the area!

New Arrivals
Rosa Shirt, Butterfly Rosa Shirt, Butterfly
Palma 1, Neck Palma 1, Neck
Victoria Peak, BRGD Victoria Peak, BRGD
Schwimmsack S, Wavy Peacoat Schwimmsack S, Wavy Peacoat
Hipbag Can Silver, Black Hipbag Can Silver, Black
Oversized T-Shirt, Earth Oversized T-Shirt, Earth
Ofeliaa Stripe Tee, Blk/Oatmilk Ofeliaa Stripe Tee, Blk/Oatmilk
Ladaa Sweat, Nightsky Ladaa Sweat, Nightsky
Cecil Shirt, Blush Print Cecil Shirt, Blush Print
Antonia Twill, Black Antonia Twill, Black
Turkana Top, Snow White Turkana Top, Snow White
Quinn, GR Quinn, GR
Catch a Cloud Stacking Toy Catch a Cloud Stacking Toy
Tenugui Kitchen, Kazehiraku Tenugui Kitchen, Kazehiraku
Wilmaa Top, Nightsky Wilmaa Top, Nightsky
Kim Ground Yellow Kim Ground Yellow
Jilaa Top, Starfish Jilaa Top, Starfish
Maailin Daisies Dress, Nightsky Maailin Daisies Dress, Nightsky
Aariana Top, Blk/Oatmilk Aariana Top, Blk/Oatmilk
Scotts Blouse, Black Scotts Blouse, Black
Manto Brown Manto Brown
Schwimmsack, Sulphur Print Schwimmsack, Sulphur Print
Nail Polish, Carota Nail Polish, Carota
Aissa Blouse, Majorica Blue Aissa Blouse, Majorica Blue
Rania Ring, Messing Rania Ring, Messing
Schwimmsack, Wavy Peacoat Schwimmsack, Wavy Peacoat
Multi Short, Brandy, OS Multi Short, Brandy, OS
Vishraam Hose, Creme Vishraam Hose, Creme
Bikini Top Dieci Rib, Blk Bikini Top Dieci Rib, Blk
Nutmeg Mill, 9.5 cm Nutmeg Mill, 9.5 cm
Rations Skirt, Black Dots Rations Skirt, Black Dots
Lighter, Gold Lighter, Gold
Aste, Black Aste, Black
Jordaan, BKGR Jordaan, BKGR
Wilmaa Top, Oatmilk Wilmaa Top, Oatmilk
Swimsuit Tre, Terracotta Swimsuit Tre, Terracotta
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