Couch Potatoes
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Couch Potatoes

Couch Potatoes

A cookbook for all those who prefer to eat lying down, while gaming, on the floor and/or in front of the television. This cookery book is young, uncomplicated and relaxed. And cool! On 176 pages, it offers quick, simple dishes and snacks that anyone - hungry but actually busy with other things - can easily prepare and enjoy in a relaxed way. No other cookery book for young people has so many recipes, tips and tricks. The meals are easy to recreate and don't require a long list of ingredients. But the best thing about it: you can eat them comfortably and without a lot of cutlery while lying down.

Format: 190 x 250 mm, 176 pages

Authors: Kathleen Beringer and Constantin Mirbach

Photography: Katrin Winner and Constantin Mirbach

Illustrations: Daniel Ramirez Perez

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