Flower Bubble Tall Tube, Amber
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Flower Bubble Tall Tube, Amber

The STANDING FLOWER BUBBLE vase is beautiful in its simplicity. The elegant glass ball floats on a clear, simple glass cylinder. The vase is perfect for small, delicate flowers, especially for those picked by friends or children with short stems.

When the light passes through the colored glass, it creates beautiful shadows and new silhouettes.

The glass is colored throughout, and all glass vases are made from the extra durable borosilicate type of glass. This type of glass is known from laboratories, as it can withstand high temperatures, is scratch resistant and resists acids.

If you choose this type of glass, you will get a product that will last for generations and will not lose its color.

If your vase is dirty and has lime deposits, it can be easily cleaned with hot water and liquid soap.


Glass cylinder: 80 mm

Vase opening: 20 mm diameter


Bubble: 80 mm diameter

Total height of vase: 100 mm

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including 7,7% VAT.

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