Julie Joliat
Agenda 2020, White
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As a follow-up to last year's phone detox agenda, thisedition will continue to inspire you to adopt a more analog lifestyle. During the current era of global warming, you may be wondering whatto do and whether your efforts will make a difference. Without being moralistic, this organizer discloses facts to raise awareness and offers information that will make you think. Meant to be read regularly- but in small doses that will remindduring the year- each week reveals tips on how you can change some of your habits. It aims to emphasize the point that moderation and sobrietyare likely to be part of the solution. But even if they prove to be ineffective, they would nevertheless make life far more gratifying. So, downgrade to upgrade in 2020, a year when everydays for future should be everyone's motto.

in English / 12 x 19 cm / 152 pages / offset black print inside / cover flaps with strong paper / lays flat when open / a week per spread / monthly+ yearly overview / 50 tips / sustainably produced / FSC-certified white paper

Manufacturer: Julie Joliat

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