Julie Joliat
Agenda 2019
CHF 29.00

Reset with this 2019 calendar! Our lives are becoming more and more digitalized, and the way we live and think has changed consequently. We keep our brains in a constant state of overload and we're often distracted. Our phones are no longer useful tools, they've become taskmasters to which we're addicted.

This calendar will help you (re)learn how to be analog. Each week reveals a miscellanea of little surprises, such as facts, tips, jokes, games, or exercises that will make you realize how the Internet has impacted your life. You will still be able to crush candies, but you'll do it on paper with a pencil. Content is displayed on ruled paper, recalling exercise schoolbooks, or - ironically - the Instagram grid. Hopefully, it will trigger the same little dopamine spritzes that led to your smartphone addiction.

Pretend it's 1997 and buy this analog agenda! Limited Edition, English, 152 pages, offset print on FSC-certified paper, cover flaps, lies flat when open.

Hersteller: Julie Joliat


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