Themis Trio Mobile

Themis Trio, designed by the Stockholm native graphic designer Clara Von Zweigbergk is vastly different than any other mobile of its kind. The colors ranging from pastels to bright fluorescents, from warm to cool hues, were all carefully and painstakingly handpicked by Clara in her creative process, which she describes as "intuition and the way the colors work in contrast to one another." The harmonious play of colors instill into the viewer a sense of visual pleasure and fulfillment further enhanced by the faceted nature of the geometry of To fully realize the marriage of these beautiful, vivid colors, the Trio is printed on wood-free paper with high-quality spot-printed inks. Trio comes in an attractive 2D package and is easily assembled into its 3D format. Place it on the side table, hang it individually or in a cluster from the ceiling.

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