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7115 by Szeki

A note from our Designer: When 7115 started it was a one-women band with a simple goal: create clever products that work hard for you every day. Over the last ten years, I've been fortunate enough to watch our team grow and in turn this has evolved how we achieve this mission. We branched out from just jewelry into T-shirts and then seasonal collections. Our minds are constantly brimming with new ideas and ways to create products and experiences that can complement your busy lifestyle. As 7115 matures into the next stage of its life, I'm excited to introduce a new product line to the family: 7115 Paper Goods. This range of notebooks and planners has been designed to organize your thoughts and promote productivity. They're crafted in the same spirit as our clothing with three core considerations in mind: aesthetics, quality, attainability. My hope is that you fill these pages up with your thoughts, ideas and aspirations - and that these books continue to serve you well beyond the finished pages.  

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